TEW 2005

Looking to download and play TEW 2005? Well you’re in luck. The game is freeware – that means you can download and play it absolutely FREE! Download it from the official Greydog Software website by clicking here.

Real World Updates

Real World Mods by TheWho87 tougie

tougie’s Real World Updates are the best and most consistently updated sets of real world data that you’ll find for TEW 2005. Previously made by TheWho87 until February 2013,  these are the mods you want to download if you plan on playing as real life federations such as WWE, TNA, and ROH. The updates come packed with a large number of promotions, storylines, angles, and arena locations.






Real World Mods – Pics, belts, logos

To download the corresponding worker pictures, belt, and logo images to this data set, do so by clicking the corresponding links.

Historical Updates

Death of the Territories by D Boon Ghost

Death of the Territories is a mod based in 1983 when the “territory” system of professional wrestling was still in effect. Will the WWF embark on its national expansion that would eventually change the industry forever? The choice is yours in this perennial favorite.

By Year

The following list shows the year by year updates we currently have to offer.

Fantasy Updates


iDOMINATION, or iDOM is a fictional universe based on the notion that WrestleMania failed and lead to the bankruptcy of the WWF (giving way to total domination of the industry by the NWA.) Featuring all of your favorite real life workers in not so familiar promotions, iDOM is the ultimate TEW Fantasy Update.

For more information on iDOM, check out the official Wiki site HERE.

iDOM 2010

Update created by iDOL and IzzyX. Data update by TheWho87 11/2012

Worker Pictures & Logos

iDOM 2008

Conversion by TheWho87

iDOM 1990

Conversion by TheWho87

Cornellverse 2005

The default fictional universe update that comes packed with TEW 2005.

What if Flair Owned WCW?

This fantasy update by Destroyed bases its premise on the idea that Ric Flair purchased WCW in 2001, and the user can play a couple years into the future with what the WWF and WCW have evolved into.

TEW 05 All-Stars Mod

This mod by TheWho87 allows the player to pit wrestling legends and icons from multiple promotions and generations in their primes against one another in all out war. Who comes out victorious? That’s for you to decide!

* Note: This is a BETA release of this mod, there may be errors/inaccuracies in the data.

The Aftermath of Attitude

Set in January 2010, the wrestling world has gone through a tough few years with a massive slump in the industry due to fans leaving in the “Aftermath of Attitude” as well as global and economical slumps, promotions have survived some have fallen however 2010 is the start of the revival of professional wrestling in the world. Things are aren’t quite as you know them in this mod by TheWho87.

Women of Wrestling

This fantasy mod by TheWho87 focuses on Women’s Wrestling.

Partial Updates

These downloads are not full updates, but rather individual files such as angles, and locations, meant to be imported into other data sets.

iNSPIRED Angle Pack

This angle pack is chocked full of EWR based angles meant to give players switching over from EWR to TEW a much less time consuming and more familiar experience.

Panix’ PBS Angles and Storylines

This angle and storyline pack uses Panix’ booking method. Storylines are broken down into a method of weeks and shows.

cpt.charisma’s Storylines and Angles Pack

This angle and storyline pack comes with TheWho87 and cpt.charsma’s monthly TEW updates and is the most updated set available.

jordanswinburn’s UK Locations

This locations file sees the UK region overhauled with more real life venues, and all generic “town hall” venues replaced for a more true to life UK location experience.

Skins and Graphics

The following links are to skins and graphic sets that give TEW 2005 a different look and feel.

“BRAND NEW” Skin by iDOL

This Skin gives TEW 2005 a more modern and minimalistic look and feel. Comes with a complete taskbar and set of screens. [PREVIEW].
Graphics | Screens | Taskbars

“Dark Metal” Skin by iDOL

This Skin gives TEW 2005 a dark metallic feel. [PREVIEW].
Graphics | Screens | Taskbars

“Old School” Skin by iDOL

This Skin gives TEW 2005 an old school 80’s/90’s WWF inspired feel. [PREVIEW].
Graphics | Screens | Taskbars

“UnderGround” Skin by Wario Punk

This Skin gives TEW 2005 a dark/grunge look and feel. [PREVIEW]

Download Skin

“WWE 2012” Skin by Rene21racer

This Skin gives TEW 2005 a smooth, clean, dark feel. [PREVIEW]

Download Skin

32 Responses to TEW 2005

  1. Nik Esposti says:

    Everytime I click on a download link it refreshes the page. I tried it on a different browser and it didn’t do it either so can you please fix the problem,

    • admin says:

      The download links are working as they should, I have just tried it on four different browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. Not sure what your problem could be stemming from.

    • curtis johnson says:

      kinda sounds like your problem is a pop up issue. Your internet settings need to be looked over to see if you disabled direct downloads.

    • Philip says:

      Hi I just wanted to ask I downloaded the INSPIRED (Very impressed with it) angle pack. I’m just getting familiarized with TEW 05 even though it’s 2013 I’ve just been obsessed with ewr 4.2 ever since it came out. I’m currently booking a storyline on TEW 05 and have managed to complete the first goal but the parameter to advance to the next part of the fued is ‘must be a response angle with the face as the catalyst’ It’s called ‘2. I have your number!’ I figured a response angle would be the face responding to the heels challenge for a match but when I booked that in a previous show it did not advance the story. What am I supposed to do to book a ‘response angle’ exactly?

  2. Jive says:

    What happened to ANGLE & Storyline packs from Who and Capt Charisma there’s no link to get them?? Is there any other way to get them or they lost forever??

  3. JIVE says:

    Thanks for the Cpt. Charisma’s angle pack it was a huge help. Much Appreciated.

  4. Jaime says:

    It would be helpful if I could get a logo and belt pack for the 97 mod. Or just one that suits it period.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, for the most part we only host mods created by other people – we don’t make them ourselves. I agree a complete graphic set would be nice for most of the mods by in the case of older mods, many were lost with Megaupload getting shutdown.

  5. Franklin Zamora says:

    Is there any chance you could post a download link here for the over 9000 verse mod.I am a big fan of it yet TEW mods only work when I download them from this site on my computer.

  6. JIVE says:

    any updates on the OVER 9000-verse mod?

  7. JIVE says:

    Still no over 9000 mod anywhere??

  8. RegularShowPops says:

    Can tougie’s June 2013 be added please, I can’t download files from rapidshare but can download from here just fine. Thanks

  9. JIVE says:

    ADMIN what about 9000 verse?

  10. Andrew says:

    will there be any update on the angle packs for the TEW 2005?

  11. Ethan Johns says:

    Hey guys i’m thinking of doing a real life fantasy MOD for TEW 2005. What year do you want it to be based in?. And what promotions do you want in it?.email me at emonx38@gmail.com for request.

  12. ET 3D says:

    When does july 2013 update come out?

  13. André says:

    How about a 2000 update for TEW 2005?

  14. ''Nacho Man'' Ricky Salvage says:

    When does the July & August 2013 TEW2005 updates come out?.

  15. AmericanDragon says:

    any chance to upload some Save Games?

  16. Stuart says:

    Anywhere I can get a 1990 mod?

  17. Ethan Jophns says:

    Does anyone still do TEW 2005 updates?

  18. Anon Y. Mous says:

    When you input the iNSPIRED Angle pack, how do you put it in the game and replace the storylines?

  19. Zick says:

    When will there be updated Real World Mods for this month?

  20. kevin says:

    Is there any skins that allow you to play the game on a 1080p resolution PC?

  21. Andrew says:

    Will there be any up to date updates for TEW 2005?

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