All of the mods on this page are for EWR 4.2. However, if you’re feeling nostalgic you can download and play earlier entries in the Extreme Warfare series.

Extreme Warfare Revenge

Extreme Warfare Deluxe

Extreme Warfare

EWR Utitilies


Bill and Stratosfaction’s Stat Updates





Graphics For Bill’s Stat Updates

This picture pack is the one you will want to download and use for stat updates.

Paige Turners EWR Stat Updates

These updates are condensed in size compared to “Bills updates”. Without alter-egos, less relationships, and less workers these updates reduce loading times.


Historical Mods

Fantasy Mods

iDOM 2008

iDOM 1990

EWR Skins


77 Responses to EWR

  1. RDylanM01 says:

    I just wanted to say,I downloaded the Gimmick Generator and it worked great. Gave me the perfect gimmick for Steve Williams in the Aug 1996 mod that I also downlaoded from here

  2. Mokey says:

    Thank you so much for all these great downloads in one place!

  3. Jas says:

    cant believe this game is still available to download, thank you.

  4. smoke says:

    I just wanna say thank you I have been searching for this little gem for a good couple of years.

  5. CM Anderson says:

    Is there a post Montreal database available other than the January 1998 one?

  6. URL says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More: ewwarehouse.info/mod-index/ew-mod-index/ […]…

  7. Manu says:

    Is there any Alliance Wins mode for EWR? I downloaded it years ago and now I can’t find it anymore…

  8. Ritwik Mitra says:

    How does the ComDlg32.ocx and MSVBVM60.dll help the game?

  9. Austin205 says:

    Best page i have ever found EWR related…WOW am i thrilled.

  10. Weakbody says:

    Why does my anti-virus software identify the Arsenic editor as malware?

  11. superj says:

    Is there anyway to add match types i want the ultimate x match lol

  12. Evan Smith says:

    I can’t seem to find the Arsenic Promotion Editor anywhere anymore. Is it still out there, or does someone have a copy they can post?

  13. Hollywood Nova says:

    When is July & August updates out?.

  14. Yello Mit says:

    They’re out now by the look of it. Thanks a bunch for these. You’re awesome.

  15. X says:

    Is there an Arsenic Editor for Mac? I’ve found EWR for it, but unable to download the AE… Thank you!

  16. Ga Outlaw says:

    when I download EWR4.2 it works fine, but when I download the Aug. 2013 update and start a new game it won’t leave the loading screen. I’ve left it loading for over 30 min. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  17. Myles Young says:

    Why is it that it lags so badly when I use the “Graphical Buttons”. All I do is just change the background to a regular black color and leave the writing in white. Don’t understand why it would lag so much like that. Without the changes the “Graphical Buttons” are fine.

    • Ricky Orton says:

      Hey Myles, it’s Ricky, make sure that the graphical buttons are not on when using a real world database, this engine can be slow at points. Use normal if using a real world database, but for the one given with the game it should work, if it doesn’t try a disk cleanup.

  18. Myles Young says:

    Why is it that the “Runtime 6 Overflow” message keeps popping up after I get through a card. I can’t get pass it. Someone know how to fix this problem??

  19. Chris says:

    new to this. what exactly do i need to do to get a wwe 2013 roster?

    • Miguel says:

      Depends which game you have

    • kingtutjason says:

      Choose a mod depending on which one you want save it then copy the files to DATA in your ewr folder this is after you install ewr 4.2 then start your game and it should be there if you want worker pics download them then copy the pics in the file to PICS in your ewr folder

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  21. Adam says:

    When I try and run Extreme Warfare Deluxe, it says it can’t run and that i should check with the software publisher. It dosn’t work for any of ther versions and i tries running it with xp and vista pack, i’m currently on windows 8. Does anyone know a solution? If so i’d be very thankful if you told me.

  22. Great website, greetings from Wrestling fans from Poland!

  23. How do you add the fantasy mods

  24. Ben Bell says:

    ok, so how do you utilize the fantasy mods?

  25. Franky says:

    Is there some kind of an editor (kinda like the Arsenic Editor in EWR) that can be used on TEW 2005?

  26. ks160 says:

    When does the January 2014 mod come out.

  27. A.B. says:

    Thank you so much for the new updates, just dowloaded the feb2014 one, very excited to play with AAW!

  28. ks160 says:

    Hey why was WSU combined with CZW and Heartland Wrestling Association deleted from the February update.WSU shutdown and HWA is still around.Not a complaint just wondering.

    • TJxPunk says:

      HWA is KIND OF still around. They only run a couple shows a month or every few months and they’re not really big enough to be in the game anymore. They shut down and when they reopened, they had a whole new roster and weren’t even a shell of their former self.

  29. How do u add the stat updates to the ewr4.2 because i cant do it after i deleted the data files

  30. Daniel says:

    i cant play on Windows 8

  31. Cooksie says:

    Can someone help me? I downloaded the Feb 2014 mod & none of the staff want anything to do with me. Can I fix this, and the fact that the program lags/crashes after every loading screen?

  32. Archie says:

    i got this error that said ‘The EWR title is not found in gfx folder’ i check and its not on read only… whats the problem

  33. No.fu.name says:

    When does the April 2014 mod come out?

  34. Mike says:

    Every time I download a pack from 2013 forward I can’t re/sign staff (On EWR) no matter what I do it says “X Refuses to work for you”. Any idea how to fix this?

  35. Sam says:

    Hello can someone please tell me why my computer wont let me play anything older than EWR I downloaded the classics and EWD and my computer says it doesnt support full screen, please reply

  36. S. Sanford says:

    Who do i speak to about some updates on production staff in a certain company?

  37. BloodyTi9er29 says:

    If I download the picture pack do I get all of the superstars from every year? For example 2007? And does it come with the logos for the shows/companies? Thanks

  38. talentrep@musician.org says:

    Any time I install a scenario and start a new game, it just waits and waits and waits until I get the “Not Responding” message. What’s going on?

  39. Phil says:

    so anyone got a updated roster pack let me know..

  40. i wanna know if you guys are ever going to release a new EWr? i like TEW 05 but its so out of date. and i a lot of us dont got 35 bucks to buy a spreed sheet game.

    • admin says:

      We do not make the games. Adam Ryland at Grey Dog Software is the person who is behind the games. The likelihood of a new free game is slim to none. He wants to be paid for the work he does like anyone else.

  41. Eric E says:

    Hi there…long time player and fan of EWR. Just a quick question…is there a programme to add/create new angles to use for fueds/TV etc.


  42. Jeff says:

    What do you do if the game never loads with a roster update. I always get a not responding message and not sure how to get it to work

  43. Drunkin Dog says:

    will a new stats update come out, or should I get to work on one myself? Hahaha

  44. Jordan says:

    Hey, are you guys doing a 2015 mod for EWR and TEW?

  45. Seth says:

    Whenever I start a new game with a new mod all staff members will not negotiate with me. Does anybody have a fix for this problem?

  46. TheRylandEffect says:

    This page is awesome! I’ve thought I’ll never find the 90’s scenarios, stat updates or the gimmick generator again. Awesome page for an awesome game. Thanks to whoever created this website!

  47. Donald says:

    Someone posted on here Adam Ryland wants to be paid for the work he does… If he made a handheld version on EWR for ios and android, i think we’d all pay £5 for it

  48. tomgooner says:

    Does every save start in June? For instance, I’ve downloaded both the January 1998 and April 2001 mods yet both games have started in June.

  49. J says:

    I have a serious problem.
    I deleted all of the EWR files to start anew but the game still registers the old files and gives runtime error 75 when I tried to use the Data Clearer.
    Any ideas how to fix this?

  50. CM Punkass says:

    Admin,Is there a way to play the very old,but still classic EW 9000 on Windows 7???

  51. bmxalien says:

    i downloaded the march 2015 mod for ewr but my game keeps crashing and saying not responding any advice

  52. […] Após o EWR 4.2, ainda houve um novo jogo, chamado Total Extreme Wrestling, mais completo, encorpado, moderno, com versões de 2004, 2005 2010 e 2013. Nessa versões há novas opções como a adição de Ironman Matches e a mudança do sistema de Ratings, que variava entre 0 e 100, agora se dá por letras. Jogar EWR e TEW são ótimos passatempos, tem suas manhas, e você pode descobrir tudo sobre o jogo, tutoriais, modo de instalação, downloads, aqui ó: http://www.ewwarehouse.info/mod-index/ew-mod-index/ […]

  53. can some tell me what year was ewr 3.0 based around

  54. Mr. Jones says:

    Great work, EWR never dies <3

  55. dinstamboli says:

    finally……ewwarehouse has comeback….online

  56. Ryan says:

    Why are so many UK workers not on here?

    • admin says:

      EWR covers Canada, USA and Mexico. Therefor only British workers who make appearances in those areas are included. For an entire world feel, try TEW.

  57. Brad says:

    Where’s the 2100 scenario?

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