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Paige Turners Official KyKy Pic Pack

Hello Ewwarehouse Universe. Paige Turner back again with a huge update for all you TEWR players out there. All of you have been asking, and I am delivering it to you right now….. My Official KyKy Pic Pack has arrived. With over 14,000 pictures it is one of the most in-depth pic packs out there. With a mix of current, past, indy, and staff workers this pic pack will be the one thing that you have been missing from EWR and TEW.

Due to upload restrictions, I will be posting the mediafire link and not uploading it directly here to the site. I caution you that it is a very large upload and will take a while.

I hope all of you enjoy, and as always….


Happy Playing. 😉


Grey Dog Software announces TEW2016

Grey Dog Software is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Adam Ryland’s Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. The seventh entry into the award-winning TEW franchise, the game will be released in the second quarter of 2016 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the launch of the EW series. For more information on the game, please visit the GDS forums where Adam will be answering questions and launching the extremely popular ‘Developer’s Journal’ feature soon. TEW2016 is scheduled to be available for digital download exclusively via Grey Dog Software for US $34.95.



EWR & TEW13 Updated!!

Hello EWWAREHOUSE Universe,

We are proud to bring you the January updates for both EWR and TEW13. Both pages have been updated and will be updated monthly to reflect the monthly updates.

I will be taking over the monthly updates for EWR and my first update started with January. My next update will be a complete overhaul with complete roster updates, worker additions, and more. I will also release my kyky picture pack that includes over 3,000 pictures for you to choose from.


I hope you all enjoy the monthly updates, and as always….

Happy Playing. 😉

-Paige Turner

InertiaFX Themes

PaigeTurner back with another big update for all of you EWR players out there. I present to you, The InertiaFX Themes. These themes have made there way around EWBattleground and have crash landed here on EWWarehouse for all of you to enjoy.

Credit goes to New Damage over at EWBattleground.

Go check out his portfolio to see what hes truly capable of doing.



Billboard (2007)

Gradient Splatter (2010)

Hex (2008)

Neon (2007)

Space (2009)

Steel Grunge (2010)

Undisputed (2009)

and as always, Happy Playing. 😉


Color Mod (EWR)

Have you ever been playing EWR and got sick of the red and blue on the screen all the time? Well, here is the solution, The EWR Color Mod. This mod replaces the default red and blue details of the game and replaced them with a neutral grey that can go with any skin. The text of the game is also changed up to give the game a better look.

Credit goes to GaZ over at Exevent Games.

and as always, Happy Playing.


EWR Color Mod

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