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Color Mod (EWR)

Have you ever been playing EWR and got sick of the red and blue on the screen all the time? Well, here is the solution, The EWR Color Mod. This mod replaces the default red and blue details of the game and replaced them with a neutral grey that can go with any skin. The text of the game is also changed up to give the game a better look.

Credit goes to GaZ over at Exevent Games.

and as always, Happy Playing.


EWR Color Mod

Red Steel Skin (EWR)

Hello EWW universe, my name is PaigeTurner0522 and I am proud to give you my first contribution to the site, my custom EWR Skin. It includes buttons and everything else needed for your GFX pack. I hope you all enjoy and I’m looking forward to serving all of your TEWR needs.

EWR_Title EWR_load1


Red Steel Skin


EWR, TEW 2013 Mod Index Sections Updated – Site News

If you haven’t noticed, the EWR Mod Index has been updated with all of the current mods available. It looks as though Bill, who used to do the monthly updates is no longer producing them. Instead, a new “LEAN” version of the data is being worked on monthly by Stratosfaction at ewbattleground.com/forum. I have also updated the TEW 2013 section with all of the monthly updates from TheWho. I’ve also reached out to Fleisch to submit the missing Real World Chronicles data sets if they are available.

As you may have noticed, the site hasn’t been regularly updated since April due to a lack of time on my part. Starting this week, the site will have an additional moderator/content prover as Paige_Turner has stepped up to the plate and offered to help out with the maintenance of the site.

Happy playing.

Iceisle Skin (TEW 13)

Skin by Iceisle. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens . Available in Blue and Red.


Evanescent Skin (TEW 2013)

Skin by Mammoth. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens . Alternative Taskbars included in separate download



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