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WMMA 3 Section Added!


EWWAREHOUSE.INFO is now your source for all things WMMA 3! Head over to the new WMMA 3 page under the Mod Index section and get your hands on all of the mods that we could find for Grey Dog’s Mixed Martial Arts simulator. Feel free to contact us if you have any mods that you don’t see listed.

cpt. charisma’s TEW 13 Real World Data – March, April and May 2014

This set TEW 2013 mods by cpt. charisma enables the player to begin a game in January or February 2014.

Download Link:

Click here for a tutorial on how to install mods and picture packs in TEW 2013

Fleisch’s TEW 13 Real World Data – March, April and May 2014


March, April and May 2014

From Fleisch at GDS:

Fixes & Additions June 2014
Tanea Brookes
Crazzy Steve
JT Dunn
Daniel Gracie
Rolles Gracie Jr
Eve Torres
Chihiro Tominaga
Ryotsu Shimizu
Naoya Nomura

Alter Egos
Rebel (Tanea Brookes)
The Freak (Rob Terry)
Bram (Kenneth Cameron)

Tag Teams
Juicy Product
Monster Express
Goto & Shibata

The Menagerie
Kenneth Cameron & Ashley Flair (Married)

TV – Dragon Gate Infinity (Highlights Show)
TV – World Pro Wrestling (Highlights show)
TV – AJPW on GAORA (Highlights show)
Hulk Hogans Steroid use set to Reformed
Janne Waltez given stats
Mason Ryan removed from NXT – Now known as Barri Griffiths
Raquel Diaz removed from NXT – Now known as shaul Guerrero
Danny Burch removed from NXT – Now known as Martin Stone
Oliver Gray removed from NXT – Now known as Joel Redman
Ric Flair added to WWE Exclusive PPA deal
Texas Locations updated (Thanks to Matt Shannon)
RVD’s injury removed
Yujiro Takahashi Added to Bullett Club & removed from CHAOS.
David Starr added to FIP & CZW
JT Dunn added to FIP & CZW
Sean Waltman removed from WWE
Shawn Michaels removed from WWE
Bret Hart removed from WWE
Kevin Nash removed from WWE
Homicide set as heel (ROH)
Edie Kingston set as heel (ROH)
Jay Lethal set as heel (ROH)
Matt Taven set as face (ROH)
Truth Martini set as jay Lethals manager (ROH)
Young Bucks set as face (ROH)
Adam Page set as heel
Adam Page added to Decade stable
Riccochet popularity boost (Japan)
CIMA removed from DGUSA
YAMAMOTO removed from DGUSA
BXB Hulk removed from DGUSA
Akira Tozawa removed from DGUSA
Shingo Takagi removed from DGUSA
Genki Horoguchi removed from DGUSA
Ryo Saito removed from DGUSA
Masato Yoshino removed from DGUSA
Complete Players set as inactive
Laughter7 set as inactive
El Terrible removed from NJPW (Written wth CMLL)
Masato Tanaka removed from NJPW
Keiji Mutohs stats decreased dramatically
Tomoaki Honma removed from AJPW
Kazushi Miyamoto removed from AJPW
Tomoaki Honma Selling & Charisma increased
Uhaa Nation popularity boost (Japan)
Dragon Gate set to Touring with Highlights show (Dragon Gate Infinity)
Masato Yoshino popularity decrease (Japan)
CIMA popularity boost (Japan)
Wade Barrett name changed to Bad News Barrett
Kenneth Cameron added to TNA (as Bram)
Hailey Hatred set to on hiatus
Kurt Angle set to injured
KZY set to no hair (new pic also)
M.V.P. set as heel

Titles Updated to: May 10th 2014

Free Pictures: 174 (+2 Silhouette pictures)
- To XxFutureLegend112xX for allowing me the use of his NPRising mod as a base.
- To shawn michaels 82 for his ANDA 2012 mod which I have imported various title histories up to 2012 (saved me hours of work!)
- To Astil for help with some of the WWE stats
- To Derek B for his mod making guide.
- To JRev1313 for all the useful SHIMMER info.
- To Idolized for all the useful 2CW info and pics.
- To Matt Shannon for all the Texas Indy workers
- To justtxyank for the use of his Network logos
- To Sockpuppet for use of his injury mod
- To bro4dway for tidying up the US Title lineages, and for the KOTR, Royal Rumble & MITB lineages
- To Phil Parent for the 5000+ locations file
- To OGpistolpete for the use of his RLL & NPW custom logos
- To Mammoth for use of various worker cuts (AJP & W-1 among others)
- To Phenomenal Pat for FWE, Adam Ohriner, Alexxis Neveah (if I forgot someone sorry!)
- To VampiroEl for FCF, GBG, STHLM & SWS rosters etc.
- To electricappliance for help with DTU
- To Silva for help with DDT (and other aspects of Japan)
- To the GDS community for all the feedback and assistance!

Support Thread:



cpt. charisma’s TEW 13 Real World Data – January and February 2014

This set TEW 2013 mods by cpt. charisma enables the player to begin a game in January or February 2014.

TEW 05 Real World Data – January and February 2014

This TEW 2005 mod set enables the player to begin a game in January and February of 2014.

For instructions on how to download and install a mod in TEW 2005 CLICK HERE.

Download Links:

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