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Iceisle Skin (TEW 13)

Skin by Iceisle. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens . Available in Blue and Red.


Evanescent Skin (TEW 2013)

Skin by Mammoth. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens . Alternative Taskbars included in separate download



WWE 2K15 Skin (TEW 13)

Skin by Mammoth. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens based on WWE 2K15. Alternate skin is not as heavily WWE branded.



Attitude Era Skin (TEW 13)

Skin by jjgp111’2. Fully customized skin for TEW 2013 with Taskbars, GFX and Screens.



Mammoth’s Gimmick File (TEW 2013)


Mammoth Gimmick File

Note From The Author:

Okay, this is my gimmick file. The idea totally came from Derek B and his Mod-Making Guide which I think we’re all agreed is possibly the most helpful topic on this site. I’ll copy his description to give you an idea of what it is I’ve created, as I’m not sure I could explain it any better: “The different ways each gimmick can be performed (a pirate as comedy or a brute, for example) are listed all in one, with different attributes listed for each variant. I also want to set a standard for where every type is set, so that the 0-100 ratings are replaced with a few set levels to make things more clear for anyone using the gimmick.”

So that was the basic premise and as I thought it was such a great idea because gimmicks have always been something I’ve struggled with personally, I thought I’d go ahead and get started. It was something I set out to do for myself but I’m pleased with how it came out so thought I’d share it to see if there is anyone else (besides me and Derek) who thought it was a great idea, and who’d like to use it. There are a total of 800+ gimmicks with each individual gimmick having at least two variations.

It took me four to five days to complete and as I hope you can appreciate, it got a little monotonous, so I expect people to find mistakes (be that spelling or something else) so all I ask is that you inform me of them so I can fix them and update the file. I’m happy to explain my reasoning behind some attributes and/or percentages so if you’re perplexed by something, all you have to do is ask. If there are enough people who want a certain gimmick or gimmick variation added/re-added (I took some out that I’ve never seen people use and some that I’ve always thought were more or less replicas) just ask and I’ll see what I can do. Finally, I am very new to this mod-making thing so please expect this to be very rough. If a more experienced mod-maker wants to take this on-board as a base, please go ahead.

First rule of Mammoth’s Gimmick File, don’t talk about Mammoth’s Gimmick File. Second rule of Mammoth’s Gimmick File, there are no rules. Seriously, it’s completely freeware; mod-makers are free to use them in their mods and people are free to edit them however they like. You don’t even have to credit me, I mean I’d appreciate it but I’m not going to go crazy because someone didn’t credit me.


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