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TEW 2013 Real World Data: January 1970

Territory Daze

1970 – “Territory Daze”
Mod by Mammoth
current version: 1.0


Territory Daze is a moderation which starts in January, 1970. I began this moderation almost a year ago (December, 2013) and I assure you, I’ve worked on it almost every day in those months whether it’s been a full dedicated day – of which there has been a lot – or just an hour or two fiddling with statistics or something equally trivial. There are three reasons I began this moderation: 1.) because no one has ever gone this far back in history for Total Extreme Wrestling 2.) because I’ve always enjoyed history moderations because you get to follow the entire careers of the legends of today and therefore loved the idea of following the careers of absolute icons like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Jerry Lawler amongst many others, and 3.) because there hasn’t been a moderation where you can sign people like Verne Gagne, Freddie Blassie and Ray Stevens where they’re still wrestling, or at least still wrestling with a degree of physical stability. Almost everything – bar the things that I’ve credited people for towards the bottom of this post – have been made from scratch, which includes every single worker, every picture, every ager, every chemistry, every relationship, every title and every title history, amongst many other things. This was done partly because I didn’t want other peoples mistakes but mainly because I wanted this moderation to feel like something new rather than one of those moderations that are simply made up of a whole host of other moderations. The aim was always to make a moderation that people will hopefully enjoy but I also hope that people may learn something about what made professional wrestling what it is today, which is why everyones ‘Biography’ and their ‘Employment History’ has been filled out as much as possible to give you, the player, an insight; whether you’ve heard of them before or otherwise. Overall? I just hope people give this a chance, and it’s a moderation that’ll not only be played now but in versions of TEW to come. Thanks for reading and more importantly, enjoy.

Note: This isn’t the finished article, it’s more of a BETA so the rest of the workers who’re ‘yet to debut’ will be added upon final release and as it’s only a BETA, I expect you to find many, many errors. Whether it’s the way the world develops, the product of some promotions or more trivial things; the whole point of this being a BETA is to iron out these problems and to make it a playable moderation so if you find that some promotions close in the first couple of weeks, the signing’s are out of this world or whatever, feel free to criticise me and I’ll find a way of fixing these issues.


With the territorial system in full flow, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) continues to expand and enhance it’s grip on professional wrestling right across the world but more importantly in the United States of America. All this despite the challenge of Vincent J. McMahon’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) and Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (AWA) who both left the NWA due to disputes involving the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. With professional wrestling becoming more and more a viable option for television with various shows becoming some stations biggest hits, almost every promotion in the USA is recognised regionally with only the territorial system confining them to their respective regions. With some of the finest athletes and most charismatic figures in sports, professional wrestling in the United States of America continues to grow with more than one promoter setting their sights on bigger and better things.

Like the United States of America, the territorial system is still very much evident in Canada. Despite the “big three” of All Star Wrestling (ASW), Maple Leaf Wrestling (MLW) and Stampede Wrestling all being huge members of the National Wrestling Alliance, it’s clear to everyone that they’re all trying to outdo each other to establish themselves as the force in Canadian professional wrestling. Although Frank Tunney and Stu Hart offer the best product, Sandor Kovacs ASW continues to grow due to their incredible television deal. Meanwhile, in the Maritimes and Northern Ontario, Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling (AGPW) and Northland Wrestling Enterprises (NWE) continue to tour in the summertime without much fanfare but with great respect.

In comparison with the National Wrestling Alliance in the rest of the world, Joint Promotions – made up of Dale Martin Promotions, Morrell Beresford Promotions, Relwyskow Promotions and Wryton Promotions – continues to be the true force in British wrestling. Controlling almost all the true superstars on British shores and the only television deal in the United Kingdom, the British audience don’t have much choice in what they watch if they’re professional wrestling fans but fortunately Joint Promotions offer an exquisite product. Despite some of their biggest stars – most notably Billy Robinson – leaving for North America, Joint Promotions continues to make new superstars, with a certain amount of intrigue surrounding a young, masked man by the name of Kendo Nagasaki. Although they don’t have any challengers to their throne, a young entrepreneur by the name of Brian Dixon is reportedly looking into doing just that.

Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL) is considered one of the oldest professional wrestling promotions in the world and for many, this is no more evident than when you look at their aging roster. It’s believed that some people are becoming disenchanted with the way things are run in EMLL with many of the younger luchadores being continually looked over despite being the future of Mexican wrestling. Despite this, it’s thought it would take a lot for anyone to challenge their might so for now, EMLL continues to be the driving force in lucha libre, supported by the National Wrestling Alliance.

Still reeling from the death of Rikidozan in 1963, the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance (JWA) was continued by a board of four executives: Toyonobori, Yoshinosato, Michiaki Yoshimura and Kokichi Endo but despite a good start, turning Giant Baba into an icon almost over night, JWA hit the skids when Toyonobori was expelled from the organisation for using the promotions money to cover his gambling debts. On his way out, Toyonobori convinced Antonio Inoki – jealous with Baba’s push – to leave with him and together they formed the short lived Tokyo Pro-Wrestling. Inoki eventually returned to JWA in 1967 and he became equally important as Giant Baba. Remaining the forefront of puroresu, JWA are now challenged again by International Wrestling Enterprise (IWE) who’re turning out to be a huge threat to their ranking as the number one promotion in Japan while JWA are also imploding from the inside. Meanwhile, in joshi puroresu (women’s wrestling), All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) run by the Matsunaga brothers continues to be the shining light in not just Japan, but right around the globe in terms of women’s wrestling.

Proving to be a real golden era for professional wrestling in Australia, Jim Barnett’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – a member of the National Wrestling Alliance – continues to grow with a huge fan following. Relying heavily on foreign imports, a lot of the lesser known talent from North America have made themselves superstars in Australia while the local Australian talent have been limited somewhat.


Mistakes – I expect there to be a lot whether they’re tiny and insignificant like a spelling mistake, something more severe like a wrong picture given to the wrong person/title or a wrong date on a title history, or something trivial like a statistic way out of whack. That said, I’m more than happy to fix any issues/mistakes so please inform me of them when/if you find them, I will not be offended because like I say, I’m expecting people to find them. The way I see it, the more mistakes that you inform me of, the better the moderation will be in the long run because I can fix them and then re-release the moderation into the world. Just please bare in mind that this is my first moderation so although I appreciate criticism, I will not appreciate unhelpful condemnation with no helpful tips.

Further Information – If you have any further/more accurate information on this time period, then I’d still love to hear about it. For example, if you know of a storyline which was unfolding in January, 1970 in any given promotion that I can add to ‘Starting Storylines’ then I’d love to hear about them. Or, if there is someone I’ve mentioned in a biography or someone just in general who isn’t deceased/retired who you believe was still wrestling in this time period that I haven’t yet added to the database, please inform me of them so I can add them to the database as soon as possible, providing there is enough information out there about them.

The NWA/Joint Belts – The St. Louis Wrestling Club (SLWC) have the NWA World Heavyweight Championship because Sam Muchnick was the NWA President at the time. Obviously, if you want it in another promotion, simply change it in the database. Rather than give SLWC all the NWA belts though, making the moderation unbalanced, the others can be found in numerous promotions, depending a lot on who carries them at the start of the moderation (January, 1970) and where the belts are now (in real life) in terms of ownership. If you really want to use an NWA belt, I think the best way to simulate it would be to create a new belt and name it as applicable (so the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship” if that’s what you want), bring the champion in on loan, give it to them and then have them “lose” it to the person you want to hold it or if you want the original champion to keep the belt, simply retire the championship when the loan expires. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best I can offer you right now. It’s pretty much exactly the same for Joint as I’ve basically tried to do what I can in a difficult situation.

Other Championships – It was ridiculous trying to piece together some titles histories, with various incarnations of the same title appearing in more than one territory amongst many other hurdles I had to bypass. Therefore, I don’t expect the titles to be perfect. Firstly, the ‘NWA Americas Tag Team Championship’ in Hollywood Wrestling is vacant despite me knowing they’re in the hands of El Médico and Pepe López at this time and that’s because there is literally no guaranteed information on the man under the hood of El Médico so I couldn’t possibly add him to the database. Unfortunately, we can’t have partial tag team champions neither as I would have just gave one title to Pepe and leave the other half vacant. The same can be applied to the ‘Pacific Coast Brass Knuckles Championship’ as El Médico was also the holder of that. Then there’s Northland Wrestling Enterprises; hammerglenn informed me of the titles they had but it was just impossible to name the current champions or even attempt the title history. The St. Louis Wrestling Club doesn’t have any other championship belts apart from the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship” because they literally shared their titles with Central States Wrestling and I felt they needed them more. As for the pictures, you may notice that some of them are identical and that’s either because they were more or less the same championship – a separate incarnation as I alluded to earlier – and therefore looked identical or they were literally the same title at one point before being passed around, like a lot of the Southern territories did back then. Also, some pictures may be the newer versions of said championship because I couldn’t find an older version, but I figure “a picture is better than no picture”. You might agree with this view in which case, enjoy. Or you may feel it ruins the illusion and if that’s the case, simply remove the picture. Finally on the pictures, if you’re looking for a later version of a championship (a WWE title for example) it’ll either be named under “WWE World Heavyweight” for example or it’ll use the original promotion name like “WWWF World Tag Team 3″ depending on if the championship is already part of the promotion and is just a later version or a new championship in it’s own right. If you need more clarification, please just ask. As for the title lineages? I’ve tried to include dates as best I can but obviously, there is bound to be some holes here and there.

Tag Teams – I have included “Yet to Debut” tag teams, but they obviously haven’t got any experience and their “Formed” date (as far as I can remember, every team has been given a “Formed” date and they may not be completely exact, but they’re the earliest date of said team teaming that I can find) is obviously later than January, 1970. Fortunately, it’s a changeable value in the game so it’s up to you whether you wait for said date to come around or bump them up a bit.

Employment Histories – I referred to it earlier in the “Information” part but I just wanted to expand on this: every single worker in the moderation has an “Employment History” of some kind unless they’re ‘yet to debut’ and this is done to give you, the player, an idea of the persons background and where he/she has spent most of their time. As you’ll no doubt see, I’ve neglected to include any past promotions which I’ve not included in the moderation and this is to increase the playability of it. The way I see it, you want popularity and things of that nature to be limited to what is playable in the game so although many of these guys have varying degrees of popularity in Hawaii for example, you’ll notice that no one actually has any popularity there because I haven’t included a Hawaii promotion. So yes, you may find a worker who should have an “Employment History” with many different promotions and therfore popularity in various regions, but unless the territory/promotion is a part of the game, I’ve neglected to include them. Finally on “Employment Histories”, you’ll notice that anybody with a history in Britain won’t be directly linked to a British promotion but rather they’re simply labelled as “Joint”. That’s because there is just no way of knowing which promotion they were technically working with at this time so it was just easier for me to generalise it. Again, it’s just to give you an idea of where they’ve worked so hopefully it works for you.

Known Holes – There are a couple of holes in the moderation, most notably the Northland Wrestling Enterprise (NWE) and the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) roster’s. NWE was just a severe struggle to put anything together because of their lack of history at this exact time period and because of a lot of the wrestler’s they used were local men and women who have literally no records or information to be found. And as for ECWA, there are a lot of people who don’t believe the promotion was founded in 1967 – myself included – but state Jim Kettner uses the fake provenance to enhance the independent promotion. I can’t find a single record or show that dates back that far but as nobody can prove him wrong, I’ve decided to leave it in there and almost offer it up as a challenge to anyone who wants to take this small promotion with not much money and an empty roster on and attempt the impossible. There may also be some holes involving Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling (GCCW) as their records were a little thin on the ground so I used their title history to piece together a lot of workers ‘Employment History’. If you happen to notice that a worker has held a championship in GCCW in a certain year but I haven’t added it to their ‘Employment History’, please inform me and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Remaining Workers – As I said before, this is only a BETA so all the ‘yet to debut’ workers I haven’t installed yet will be eventually. I’ll obviously try and get all the main players, but as I’m human, I’m bound to miss a big name or two so if you’d like to reply here with a list of names you’ll definitely like to see added, that will be extremely helpful because then I can just go through them and add them when I have the time and energy. It’ll also give you the opportunity to perhaps name some of the lesser known talents that you’d like to see added because I assure you, if you name them I’ll add them, within reason.

Additions – Along with the remaining workers, I’d also love to hear about anything else you’d like included in the proper release, whenever that’ll come. Obviously there is a lot that could be expanded on, so I don’t want to hear “more television networks” because I realise that we’re probably going to need more, I want to hear actual lists. So try not to be generic and actually list things that you’d like included so using the previous example, give me a list of television networks that you think would aid the moderation and I’ll add them. You can list absolutely anything and I’ll take a look at it so that can be database things or even pictures you’d like to see in future updates like event pictures, logos or banners. Whatever it is, I just want to hear about it. Yes, I want critiquing on what I’ve already done but I also want to hear what will make the moderation better in the weeks, months or years to come.

Credits – Thanks go to…
fullMETAL for his “Worker Names Database”
Idolized for his “iNSPIRED Angle Pack”
sockpuppet for both his “Injury Mod” & his “Venue Mod”
Matt Shannon for the Match Types from his “The Main Event” mod
Derek B for his mod making guide
Jaysin for naming the moderation
wrestling-titles.com for their title histories
wrestlingdata.com for their amazing website
SLAM! Sports for their equally amazing website
wrestlingheritage.co.uk for their quality website on British wrestling
hammerglenn for information on Northland Wrestling Enterprises
BamaNationFan123 for a couple of locations
Genadi for his “The Golden Age: 1987″ mod from which I took a couple of things and, finally,
the GDS community for their help and encouragement.


This moderation is completely freeware; mod-makers are free to use whatever they want in their mods and people are free to edit the database however they please. Unlike my gimmick file, I do ask that you credit me on this however because unlike the gimmick file which took me a week or two, this has took me a really long time and I feel like a little credit wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

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TEW 2013 Real World Data: January 2002


2002 – “Post Attitude Era”
Mod by NWAvsWWF
current version: 1.1

Author Notes:

What’s Happening Now:

  • The WWF successfully killed their competition and brought out WCW and ECW in early 2001, with no competition the wrestling scene has diminished in American, however a rebirth could be taking place on the independent scene soon with ROH and Chikara looking to open their doors in the next few months.


  • The Invasion angle failed miserably, it’s hard to argue any new stars were made except Rob Van Dam and a whole load of top stars saw their popularity slowly decrease as the angle went on including Steve Austin, DDP and Booker T.
  • Top stars Triple H and Chris Benoit are both currently injured.
  • Chris Jericho became the first ever undisputed champion at Vengeance, defeating Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night, however many fans and some behind the scenes are already calling his title reign forgettable.
  • Ric Flair was brought in as the consortium which brought out WCW from Shane & Stephanie and is now engaged in an on screen feud with Mr McMahon.
  • Many WCW wrestlers have been removed from television following the end of the alliance as they were ‘kayfabe’ fired. DDP is one of the few to still be on television although his new motivational gimmick is again being criticized by many.
  • With the same stars on top as this time last year the WWF need a shake up in the near future whether it be some of the excellent developmental talent rumored to be getting a call up like Brock Lesnar or free agents rumored to be singing with the company like the nWo and Curt Hennig.
  • The Undertaker turned heel following the end of the war between the WWF and Alliance by attacking Jim Ross, again another questionable move by the WWF as it seemingly came out of nowhere.
  • Rumors of a potential ‘brand split’ could be taking place following Wrestlemania.
  • Dustin Rhodes’ return as Goldust has been promoted for several weeks with vignettes.
  • Shawn Michaels is once again thinking about stepping into the squared circle although he is currently finishing up the rehabbing of his back.
  • With The Rock attracting more and more attention from Hollywood many wonder if he’ll be hanging around the wrestling business much longer.

Support Thread:


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PWTORCH 2004 Website Screens Mod (TEW 13)

This partial skin by iDOL converts your website section over to a similar setup to what to PWTORCH website was back in 2004. Simply copy and paste these screens over the corresponding ones in the skin you are using.

Download Link:

TEW 2013 Real World Data: January 2004

Ruthless Aggression Player's Guide


2004 – “Ruthless Aggression”
Mod by iDOL
current version: 2.0

Author’s Notes:

Click the image above to view the pdf “Player’s Guide” for this scenario which explains a few things about the mod and gives quick access to the latest results for most of America to give players easy access to catch up and jump into a game.

**VERSION 2.0 RELEASED 10\15\2014**

What is new in this edition?

“if your going to put something out at least do it with pride. Don’t put something out that’s make u as modmaker look like you have no pride in your mod.”

  • I was told that exact statement from a member of the board a while back. I find it funny for a number of reasons, which I will save getting into (although the “no pride” thing really bugged me as the number of hours I have into data input alone, not including the custom graphics and people picture pack is enough to make any sane person run from a project like this) – but that criticism came apparently because something as superficial as the moves and movesets not being set in the last release (which in my opinion were NOT gamebreaking as they only show up as an off-hand comment when you are running your shows.) With this release, the majority of active workers and yet to debut active workers now have movesets assigned. I personally always just set them myself when hiring someone, but now they are set for the player by default.
  • I also tweaked various workers stats and gimmick performances to get them more in line with where I think they should be to balance the mod.
  • I have tweaked a few of the gimmicks to conform to the mod.
  • Networks and PPV Carriers have been overhauled.
  • Gone are all of the graphics I used from Togg’s collection. Replacing them are a BRAND NEW set of graphics I’ve done myself, based more on the colorful and clean C-Verse style. Show Logos, PPV Carriers, Events, TV Networks… the whole mod now utilizes the more clean looking style.
  • The iANGLES pack has been edited based on bugs and flaws pointed out since the last release. Inluded are NEW Nitro Girl inspired dance number segments based on sex appeal, so if you want to make your own Nitro Girls or Extreme Expose style group to dance for the crowds you can.

Support Thread:


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TEW 2013 Real World Data: January 2000

2000 The New Millenium

2000 – The New Millenium

Mod by NWAvsWWF
current version: BETA 0.1

Note from mod maker:

First of thanks for all the feedback on my previous two mods 1996 The War Begins and 1997 A year focused on War keep any improvements coming on both, I will still upload new data and update them when necessary while doing this mod. Unlike the other two this won’t be a short mod, done over the period of two or three weeks, both the other two only required small few month updates where as this is going to be a three year add on to the 1997 mod, also a new picture pack and new bios need to be done due to the time period jump so this will be a longer process but hopefully with the help of the community on the boards we can keep it from dragging on. 2000 marked a big point for wrestling, all three major American companies now had national television, WWF was taking over the mainstream like never before and wrestling was more accepted than ever. Who will YOU choose to play as? Turn WCW around from the mess they’ve gotten themselves into under the Russo regime…Despite losing much talent can you use TNN to take ECW to a national promotion?…The WWF is at it’s highest point yet and never reached this level of success again, maybe your the one to break that barrier.

What’s Happening Now:


. The Rock and Sock connection has captured the hearts of the audience as their comedy skits have been wildly successful even achieving the highest rated segment in wrestling history quite recently.

. The Big Show is currently the WWF champion, one of the more forgettable reigns in history and there is talk of him dropping the title even before Royal Rumble.

. The McMahon’s have become a pivotal part of the show since Montreal 1997 even steeping into the ring to compete on several occasions.

. Chris Jericho made one of the biggest debuts in history, verbally sparing with The Rock, unfortunately he has cooled off since them but recently defeated Chyna to win the Intercontinental title.

. The Rock in some eyes has eclipsed the success of Steve Austin as the number one guy in the company since Austin was sidelined and written of television with an injury, whether he’ll return to the WWF is in doubt but the injury is set to keep him out for another 7 months.


. After repetitive television and storylines the boom period for WCW died out, the company failed to push young stars and never closed the book on the nWo storyline, they now seem to be a distant second in the war with the WWF.

. Vince Russo was brought in as the new head of creative, his ideas so far have been described as and played out as disgraceful, the company has lost so much momentum resorting to using C list celebrities on Nitro to bring in some mainstream attention.

. Nitro was three hours long for the whole of 98 but after deciding they didn’t have the talent to fill both Nitro and Thunder the show has been cut back down to 2 ready for the new year.

. Some talent has left to go to the WWF while many cruiserweights decided against staying with WCW and returning back to Mexico and Japan, leaving a whole in the midcard.

. Recently as an effort to get back some of the fans of the nWo period, the nWo 2000 was formed with Bret Hart turning heel to align with Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

. Many stars who dominated 96 and 97 like Sting, Lex Luger, DDP and Randy Savage have seem big drops in popularity due to poor booking and storylines. Savage is only occasionally appearing on WCW television while the man who revolutionized WCW, Hulk Hogan has took some time off and is expected to return in late February.


. After years of struggle in August 1999 ECW finally got on a national network as TNN gave them a one hour time slot each week.

. Soon after making the deal with TNN, ECW lost both The Dudley Boys and Tazz to the WWF, the three were seen as the three biggest stars in the promotion before leaving.

. Mike Awesome is currently feuding with Masato Tanaka over the ECW world title.

. Raven shockingly returned to win the ECW tag titles from the Dudley Boys on their last night in ECW, his tag team partner was his bitter rival for many years, Tommy Dreamer.

. Rob Van Dam is gaining much publicity from wrestling reporters, many calling him the best wrestler in the world at this time. He is bringing a lot of prestige to ECW television title, consistently putting on great matches.

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